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Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Carpet!

We finally got new carpet installed a month ago... it has been a crazy journey with this darn house remodel- but every minute of it has brough us close to completion. We still have a ways to go with the house remodel and lots of posts to update everyone on. So here are the pictures of my new carpet;

Shaw Carpet


Grant said...

Do you know anyone that can help with new carpet in Cary?

Leigh Eagle said...

I wonder if you still have that Shaw carpet in your house. A lot of homeowners tend to replace their carpet after a short period because it doesn’t look good already. For you to keep your carpet clean and retain its original appearance, you must know how to maintain it well. You should perform regular vacuuming to remove all the dirt hiding in it. If it has stains that you can’t remove, try seeking the services of a professional to clean it. They have the best products and solution for your carpet to remain beautiful and sanitary.

Pete Henderson said...

Carpets are a good addition to a home because of its soft texture and wonderful designs. Many still refuse to have carpets because of it has to be regularly cleaned and maintained. What is a little effort in exchange for the benefits that a carpet can bring? Consider adding one and see for yourself how beneficial it is to have one.

-Pete Henderson

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